How To Cheat At Ruzzle

4 Jan 2013 by admin, 8 Comments »

This site is completely dedicated to helping you Cheat at Ruzzle so you can win every game.
Here are some tips:
1. Bookmark this site and open it up before you start your turn, so that you’re ready.
2. Be FAST. The timer will still run, even when you jump out of the app, so enter you letters quick and go straight for the high point words first.

Here is how to use cheat at Ruzzle:
1. Start a game of Ruzzle.
2. Take a screenshot of the game board immediately after the game loads and the 4×4 grid of letters appears (or just look at it and just to step 4)
3. Quit the Ruzzle app and navigate on your device to where the screenshots are stored.  There you will find the screen shot you took.
4. Enter the 16 letters from the game board into the 4×4 grid on the Ruzzle Cheat Home page.
5. Hit the submit button and you’ll get a list of all the words you can spell.
6. Tap/Click the word to see the swipe path on the letter grid in the bottom left corner.
7. Beat everyone you play at Ruzzle!


  1. Samantha says:

    I need to win!

  2. Jim bob says:

    U A R T D E E O P L N H O R H S

  3. ricky says:

    You cheater=D

  4. Jay says:

    Much better when you have a computer to copy the letters onto. Now you cannot leave the app or come back. If you do, you’re automatically disqualified

  5. le doeuff says:


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